When lava hardens and cools, it can turn into a number of colors. One, most notably, is black lava and is what has created Hawaii's famously stark black sand beaches. This Signature Shower Bomb's intensely fragrant nature is designed to invigorate you in the shower (or the bath as a bath bomb), like a walk on Hawaii's black sand beaches would.


Scent Description: Intense

Size: Approximately 2.0 ounces (the size of a golf ball)

Strength: Medium

Signature Shower Bomb Ingredients: Baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, sunflower oil, fragrance oils or essential oils, and colorant (cosmetic grade mica powder).


How to use a shower bomb: Option one: Place your shower bomb in a wash cloth. Wet it briefly under the shower (stream of water), then remove. As is softens in your wash cloth, rub it into the cloth. Then, you can cleanse your skin with the cloth. Option 2: Place your shower bomb in a corner of your shower and allow the steam and moisture to slowly dissolve it. Enjoy the fragrance and experience. 


All of our Signature Shower Bombs come individually packaged in tissue and tied to preserve their freshness, as each are handmade. Our products use only the finest food grade ingredients of baking soda, citric acid and Epsom salt. They are made with moisturizing Shea butter, and cosmetic grade mica powder colorant to enrich your bathing experience, and a wonderful fragrance, most often created by essential oils. 

Lava Rock

  • Our Signature Shower Bombs are made with moisturizing Shea butter, and cosmetic grade mica powder colorant to enrich your bathing experience, and a wonderful fragrance, most often created by essential oils. Our shower bombs are a luxurious, island-inspired, sensory shower experience like no other! Our shower bombs are handmade with Aloha (Hawaiian for love) and offer a spa-style transport directly to heavenly Hawaii…without leaving your own shower. 


    Our handmade, cruelty free, and completely USA-made shower bombs are the size of ping-pong balls, round, and super fizzy and colorful. A Hawaiian-inspired bathing experience for all those who need to slip away to paradise...one bath at a time.

  • All returns will be accepted for unused, undamaged products in their original packaging. 


    Please obtain a return authorization number by customer service at aloha@hawaiiansoapco.com. A return authorization number must be requested within three days of delivery and will be issued to you via a return email. 


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