Ukulele in 4, 45-Minute Sessions with a Pro


Professional Instructors: Rich Whiteley, Elyse Buckley, Mark Roberts, or Pedro Ariz


About Your Class:

  • Up to 4-8 students per class 4-session trainings (45 mins each) - Some students may be in a one-on-one class with instructor.
  • $248 (conditional non-refundable purchase*)
  • $5 Ukulele rental available per session (or take-home practice instrument available for $35, non-refundable, which can be used as a deposit toward any new ukulele, at any point, during or after classes-within 30 days of last class)
  • 5% off in-store purchases on all products on the day of classes


About Instructor Rich Whiteley:

His journey in music began at age 7 when he learned his 1st few ukulele chords. Though guitar is his main instrument professionally, he has maintained a love for the ukulele. For 10+ years he has helped local students develop a passion for music. As a singer-songwriter, bandleader, & educator, Rich has been an integral part of the Tampa Bay music scene since 1993. He has released 4 full-length albums as a solo artist and served as a frontman for 1 of Tampa's longest running house bands-The Grateful Dead tribute Uncle John's Band since 1998. Rich has opened for numerous national touring acts & played at festivals from South Florida to Chicago.


About Instructor Elyse Buckley:

Elyse Buckley is a local singer/songwriter originally from New York. She learned how to play acoustic and electric guitar when she was in high school and taught herself ukulele after receiving the instrument as a birthday present. She regularly played shows in New York City and the NYC suburbs, and finished recording her debut album of original songs before moving to Tampa for a teaching job in 2016. Elyse now plays her music at local venues and open mic nights in Tampa. She teaches Kindergarten full-time and loves sharing music with her students!


About Instructor Pedro Ariz:

Bio coming soon!


Fees, etc.:

*Full-refund available if instructor not available for class without 24-hour notice to reschedule. 24-hour notice required by student to reschedule class or pay $30 fee. Students may have 1 paid absence per 3-session course and are assigned to classes of similarly graded and aged students. We reserve the right to remove students for any reason with refund for session(s) being cancelled.


Rules: No food, drink, gum, or phone use are permitted in classroom. We appreciate your cooperation!


Current Dates/Times Offered:

Monday – Saturday: 9am-1pm

Monday-Friday: 5:30pm, 6:30pm, and 7:30pm

Sunday: 11am and 12pm



Please email for preferred day/time RANGE.


MINIMUM SEATS AVAILABLE-Please reserve as soon as possible. Mahalo!


Location & Contact Details:

Tel: 808-482-4468


1605 W. Snow Circle, Tampa, FL 33606, USA

Ukulele 4-Session (All Ages)


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