Bringing the Paradise to the Island

Updated: Aug 5

How did we get here?

After working in the healthcare industry for 25 years I wanted to change careers. I scoped out different avenues and challenges for a few years until I found out The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company was available. I had known of HSTC from a friend who previously bought me some of the beautiful jewelry, lavish soaps and bath bombs as a gift. Needless to say, I was excited because I felt that this company was a perfect fit. I knew the story behind the company, the founder, and I was already knee deep in their soaps and bath bombs. Before I knew it, we were closing on the sale of the company and I was looking at a whole new future.

Becoming a new business owner is scary in itself, but think about adding a Pandemic on top of it. Three days after my last day of being a Respiratory Therapist Manager, our state went in to a quarantine. WHAT??? Yes quarantine to try to reduce COVID-19. Thank goodness for social media, Facebook, websites, word of mouth and past customers of our little gem of a store. Every sale at that time, came from the website and Facebook.

During the quarantine, we were offered to share space with friends of our in the Historic District on Amelia Island. Opportunities kept appearing and before you knew it.....May 4th was our opening day on 4 N 2nd Street.

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The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company 


The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company is a cause-driven, family-owned purveyor of Hawaiian made and paradise-inspired, sensitive skin-safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly, handmade skincare and spa products, jewelry, instruments, artwork, décor, apparel, and more, all made with “Aloha” by crafters and artists.


We're an emporium of aloha for all of your senses! 

Handmade. Luxurious. Nostalgic. 

Products Inspired by Paradise For Good Causes

We are located on Amelia Island, FL

4 N 2nd Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Ph: 808-482-4468



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