Our Story


We're avid travelers, but of all the places we've experienced, from the Middle East and the Arctic to the even tropics, Hawaii simply never left our minds. If you've been there, you know. If you haven't been there, our hope is that our Hawaiian, tropical, and sea and land-inspired products will brighten your life and relax your mind, like only paradise can. It's the kind of peaceful place that never leaves your heart and soul. We've selected Hawaii as our inspiration, as it's mystical culture, warm and inviting people, unimaginably beautiful landscapes, music, food, and spirit are second-to-none.


Our Philosophy & Pledge

We hope you adore the superior quality of The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™'s product line as much as our family, friends, and we do. Our philosophy will always be to offer products to our family of customers, the way we would our own family.


Also, with every one of your The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ purchases, we pledge to give a regular portion of our proceeds to support The Humane Society of The United States via The Humane Society of Tampa Bay (our Florida home). With every purchase you make, you help provide care for companion animals in need. Thank you!

The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ is also honored to be an official reseller of the BoldB jewelry line, with a focus on their Aqua Collection. Inspired by the land and sea, every piece of BoldB's Aqua Collection helps provide 1 year of safe water to one person in need through Water.org.  


Mahalo and enjoy.


With Aloha (Hawaiian for love),

The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ Team  

Our Commitment To You


"Every Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ product is created to provide a sensational experience full of happiness, relaxation, and even nostalgia. It is an honor for our team to deliver experiences through our product line, which often remind our family of customers of wonderful memories of paradise...and our customers never let us forget how much they love these special products!"


The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™

Founder, Julie M. Manley


We're often told our spa products are the best our customers have ever used. Store visitors regularly remark on the superior quality of our jewelry, handbags, hats and more. Ensuring every one of our products is made with the best of everything and crafted with care is our core mission and promise to you.


Our team of artists and craftspeople, from Hawaii to the mainland U.S., and even Australia and beyond, put lots of Aloha into making every spa product, piece of jewelry and decor, and more, we offer At The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™. We built our company to support artists and craftspeople, all of which we consider a part of our global "team". No matter the product, we're committed to providing our customers with handmade and stunningly beautiful items of only the very highest quality, always. 


In our spa products, you will find skin-safe and environmentally-friendly ingredients, including essential oils, real fruit and flowers, FDA-approved (skin safe) coloring, organic Shea butter, Kosher ingredients, and cosmetic grade glitters (to add a safe sparkle to your home spa time). Many of our products contain real lavender buds, rose petals, peppermint leaves, lemongrass and ground oatmeal, to name just a few pure and natural ingredients. They are simply divine and make sensational "experiential" gifts for any occasion. 


Handmade, our products are Cruelty-Free, Kosher, and made only with environment-safe ingredients. Sustainability is critical to us!


We guarantee your satisfaction with our wonderful, handmade products and will accept returns of all unused, undamaged products in their original packaging. No questions asked.


Need a great fundraising product? We are ready to assist you in creating a fundraising plan around our products for your next school, corporate, or non-profit event. We offer volume discounts and will help make your event a smashing success. 


Please contact our team if we can answer any questions or fill any special requests at aloha@hawaiiansoapco.com.


Thank you for your patronage.  

- About The Brand -


The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ 


The Hawaiian Soap & Trading Company™ is a cause-driven, family-owned purveyor of Hawaiian made and paradise-inspired, sensitive skin-safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly, handmade skincare and spa products, jewelry, instruments, artwork, décor, apparel, and more, all made with “Aloha” by crafters and artists.


We're an emporium of aloha for all of your senses! 

Handmade. Luxurious. Nostalgic. 

Products Inspired by Paradise For Good Causes

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Contact: aloha@hawaiiansoapco.com

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